Life size silicone dolls opens the mystery of the world

Silicone dolls are actually a substitute for real life. She satisfied other interpretations of beauty. In fact, it is very similar to love psychology, but it is more inclined to own and control a person. He may encounter setbacks in real life, it is difficult to establish a better realistic relationship, or some psychological needs can not be met in reality, so in the virtual world, life-size silicone dolls satisfy this part of the fantasy.

Data surveys show that the vast majority of men still have masturbation after marriage. When there is no way for oneself and a partner to agree on sexual and emotional aspects through negotiation, it needs to be met by other means.

Silicone dolls are related to sex, which is privacy, and to some extent meet the needs of people for sex, and the life size silicone dolls has its reasonable place. If it does not affect the life and work of the individual, it will not harm the society and will not interfere. If you have the ability, you need to be more friendly, understanding and supportive.


Eight advantages of choosing a silicone dolls

1. The price is reasonable. Finding a girlfriend is a water-based investment. The amount of investment is uncertain, regular and continuous. It is more expensive than buying a silicone doll and investing in a silicone doll. Just a one-time investment.

2.Very obedient. The girlfriend can’t move a temper, break up all day long, and the silicone doll doesn’t.need to worry

Physiological needs can be met at any time. Girlfriends often make troubles, plus a few days of uncomfortable days every month, making men eager and unreachable, silicone dolls are different, and can meet physiological needs at any time.

3.It is convenient to carry, travel or travel with a silicone doll.

4.Men must have a sense of responsibility, and the girlfriend is responsible for being pregnant, and buying a life size silicone dolls can solve it.

5.Girlfriends will slowly grow old as time goes by, and silicone dolls can maintain a youthful and beautiful appearance for a long time.

6.Buy a silicone doll. Don’t worry about staying at night, come back late. If you are found by your girlfriend, you will be interrogated for a long time, and the silicone doll will wait for us to come back at home quietly.

7.If there is a contradiction and dispute between the two parties, the girlfriend will swear, and even beat people, and the silicone doll will not work with you (but still have to take good care of the doll).

8.The consequences of breaking up with his girlfriend are very serious, and silicone dolls. Then you can change it at any time.

How to use silicone dolls

Before using the silicone doll, the silicone doll should be disinfected. It can be disinfected with a disinfectant paper towel or disinfected with medical alcohol. When using silicone dolls, in order to maintain sufficient lubrication inside the silicone doll’s vagina, lubricant must be used. If the lubricant is not used, the silicone doll is not sufficiently lubricated inside, which may cause the silicone doll to rupture after entering and exiting the vagina. It is also possible if you wear a condom with sufficient lubrication. After using the silicone doll, the inside of the vagina needs to be cleaned with water, and the silicone doll is disinfected again. The disinfection method refers to the first step. After the silicone doll has been completely sterilized, wash it with warm water, then dry the inside and the surface of the silicone doll with a towel, or dry it naturally, and finally save it.

How to maintain silicone dolls

1. The skin size of the life size silicone dolls is very delicate and lustrous, so don’t let it be close to the fire source, don’t let it touch the sharp objects, so as not to affect the appearance of scratches.

2. Do not touch the silicone doll with easily contaminated items such as ink to avoid soiling.

3. Although silicone dolls can change a variety of postures, the curvature should not be too large when changing postures. So as not to strain the skin of the silicone dolls

4.When moving the silicone doll, don’t pull your limbs or head, and you should hold the silicone doll’s torso to move.

Life size silicone dolls her wigs and jackets can be replaced with different styles.

Silicone dolls feel some oil on the surface of the skin in order to exude a fascinating aroma and protect the skin from cracking.

5.Do not touch the water when cleaning the silicone doll with the circuit part. After use, remove the battery to avoid circuit failure.

6.Physical dolls can reduce the spread of sexual diseases to a certain extent, but if many people use the same physical doll as possible, it is possible to transmit diseases. Therefore, the physical dolls can only be used exclusively by themselves, and should be cleaned in time after use. . Although silicone dolls can solve our physiological needs very well, we must also be restrained and keep healthy.

Do you know how the production process of a life size silicone dolls is?

.With the rapid development of silicone dolls in recent years, sex toys have gradually entered the public eye! This is probably an inevitable trend, because now the network environment and social atmosphere are gradually biased towards openness, and sex toys are slowly becoming familiar with people. 70% of adult products in the world are produced in China, and silicone dolls are one of them.

They are even more beautiful than real people,

Long legs, thin waist, big breasts, narrow shoulders, face is small,

It can be sexy and glamorous, or it can be cured purely.

It is the look of many male dream lovers.

Whenever necessary,

The image of a lover, a wife,

It is possible to live in the body of a silicone doll.

Today I will reveal the mystery of the silicone doll production process for everyone!

The first step: making a humanoid skeleton; each skeleton is composed of more than 100 parts. This process is carried out in a glass room, from the smallest part to the bone of a human body, which is amazing.gujia

The second step: making the body of the doll; filling the outside of the skeleton with a sponge and then applying a protective layer. This step is equivalent to shaping the figure of the doll. Each order is customized according to the customer’s needs. The height is 154-162cm and the foot code is 35-36. Chest B, C cups, of course, some foreign customers also have different customization requirements; each body model is neatly hung in the air, the workers very carefully shape the doll’s body shape, chest shape, buttocks, legs, the whole process is full A sense of technology. First fill the back, then turn the face to fill the chest, and the chest is customized according to each order of different sizes, each is a perfect chest. .

Step 3: Make the skin; cast silicone on the outermost layer of the doll

This picture is really shocking. Each doll has a long leg, a thin waist, a large chest, a narrow shoulder, and a small face. This is only the perfect human body in the sci-fi world will be presented in front of us, their bare body hanging on the hanger On the top, even the blood vessels on the skin can be seen clearly. If you touch it by hand, it feels cold.

Step 4: This should be the last step. After the human body is formed, give the doll a bath, polish the body, apply makeup, make nails, and do the hair – every step must be very careful, just like taking care of one without wearing Girl in clothes.


After this step is completed, a life-size silicone doll is completely completed. Finally, the body parts of the silicone doll are disassembled and separated, and then sealed for waiting to be sent to customers all over the world. . .

How should the outside world view the silicone doll user community?

Since it is a group that has the meaning of his existence, people always associate silicone dolls with sex. Some people even think that this is a perverted behavior. The whole society seems to reject the state of disapproval.

So what kind of consideration do they choose from silicone dolls?

JK, a photographer from South Korea, thinks that the silicone doll is my partner. I can take her to eat, travel, and create. He has already regarded her as part of her life, or his girlfriend. In fact, he is not social. But when he wakes up every day, the party and the work is over, one person always feels lonely when standing in the crowd. . Maybe when a friend is always separated, having a baby will always make him feel better.

A doll can’t replace a real person, but it can achieve a part of emotional satisfaction, repair pain, repair loss, and satisfy part of the psychological desire.

Mrs. Wang from China, her daughter died in a car accident a few years ago. Later, she pinned her feelings on the doll. For example, she bought a dress for her daughter, dressed very beautiful, went shopping with her, and played games with her. With a baby, her life is no longer so sad, and she can face life better. . .

What kind of psychological process does a woman who accepts a partner with a silicone doll generally experience?

Many women will have a confrontational mentality, “the silicone doll defeats themselves”, or “I don’t have charm”, there will be such frustration, in fact, no need

Silicone dolls are just a thing of the outside world, but we can borrow silicone dolls as a mirror to understand the emotional relationship between the two sides, and to communicate with the partner. Why do ones need silicone dolls? What are the emotional problems of the two people?

Silicone dolls are also ubiquitous in life. Silicone doll users are not abnormal. Please give them some understanding. We should face her. She can really bring happiness to people. It does not affect life and work. Harm, why can’t we coexist peacefully? Finally, what I want to say is: Silicone dolls are fake, but love is true!

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